We offer a variety of water-based workouts to match your fitness style:


Water exercise offers 12 times the resistance of land-based classes, yet placing 10% to 50% less stress and strain on your body and joints. Benefits include increased endurance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance and core strength. Classes provide a challenging reduced impact option for all ages and fitness levels. An ideal way to cross-train from your high impact/hard-hitting land workouts and still get a great cardio and strength session.

Aqua Zumba

AquaZumba blends the Zumba philosophy with water resistance for one pool party you shouldn’t miss!  There is less impact on your joints during an Aqua Zumba® class so you can really let loose. Water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.


A groundbreaking aqua exercise workout that provides low impact, high-energy challenge for participants of all ages, skill and fitness levels. Jump in and make a splash with this dynamic cardiovascular workout that tightens and tones the entire body. With land equivalent intensity, fantastic sing-along quality music, and dynamic instructors, enjoy the pure fun of this 55 minute water extravaganza! Aqua-phobes will forever become aqua-FANS when they “Catch the Wave”! Each class consists of 10 tracks.

PLEASE NOTE: Our pool is closed every Tuesday from noon-1pm for maintenance.